The Grand Hyatt Singapore

The Grand Hyatt Singapore

Sometimes it can feel a little hard to catch a breath when you’re literally running to keep a schedule, which is why when I stay at a city hotel, I need a hotel in a prime location with easy access to public transportation and a good working environment. The Grand Hyatt in Singapore ticked all of those boxes and provided everything I required and more in preparation for a hectic week at Bawah Island. I was readying myself to go to a tropical paradise, so I found it fitting that in my lead up I was staying at city hotel with such tropical lush grounds as The Grand Hyatt Singapore’s.

I didn’t need any of their state-of-the-art conference rooms that they have available at the 5-star hotel (though maybe I’ll run an Instaworkshop in the future), I just required a quiet place where I wouldn’t be disturbed. The Deluxe Suite we stayed in was convenient in design as it was modelled like an apartment, which is ideal for business travellers who have to stay in Singapore for a lengthy period. In addition to a bedroom and a living room, there was a cosy bathtub for when it was finally time to unwind.

Considering that I’m someone who needs caffeine in my bloodstream just to function, I was surprised to find that the rooms don’t have a coffee machine, however, their room service is exemplary. Ask and you shall receive. They will get you anything you need, including a selection from a range of different pillows. How do you know which type of pillow you’d like? Check the TV. Strange answer to give, I know, but The Grand Hyatt are an eco-friendly hotel and in a bid to reduce the amount of paper, their entire in-room dining and room service menu is on their TV.

And while coffee might not be on hand, practically everything else is. What I’d never seen before with a hotel was the extremely generous amenities list of quality products that The Grand Hyatt Singapore offer their guests for free. Make-up wipes, nail polish remover, deodorant, you name it and go crazy by stuffing your suitcase with these hotel goodies.

When it came to dinner, I didn’t have time to head out to one of Singapore’s best restaurants or discover a hidden gem, so I ate in at the hotel for both nights. It wasn’t like I was depriving myself. The Grand Hyatt has a number of gourmet restaurants on its premises fit for the pickiest of foodies.

The award-winning Mezza9 is a multi-culinary concept with nine separate dining and wining stations all under the one roof. I tried a little bit from each of the six international kitchens and the food was divine. Not surprising as the restaurant is run by an assembled team of carefully selected chefs who’d mastered their craft within their own establishments before being enlisted to delight patrons at Mezza9.

The hardest part of the meal is choosing something from their extensive menu, but once that challenge has been overcome, just sit back and prepare to indulge. If you have room then make sure you try their scrumptious afters, including their unique flower pot dessert. After, you can head to Mezza9’s contemporary Martini Bar or their speciality Cocktail Bar for a relaxing night cap.

The other restaurant I dined (pigged out) in while at The Grand Hyatt was The Straits Kitchen, which specialises in South East Asia’s local flavours. I would recommend to anyone travelling in to Singapore, no matter where you stayed, to go here and would be inclined to feature The Straits Kitchen in a 48 Hours in Singapore post. Book ahead as people are often turned away if they don’t have a reservation at this-all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant, which costs $66++ per person, where the very best of Malay, Chinese and Indian delicacies are served.

I advise that you stockpile your table with as much food as you can because you simply have to try everything, and don’t worry if your eyes are being bigger than your belly. The Grand Hyatt continue their eco-friendly ethos by turning all of the hotel’s food waste into compost, which they use to fertilise their onsite herb and vegetable garden, meaning that all of their produce are either home-grown or straight from Cameron Highlands to ensure the freshest of ingredients are used.

If you manage to find some time in between the work, then step outside for some shopping therapy. That inner-shopper deserves it and won’t be disappointed as this business hotel is in a lifestyle haven at the start of Orchard Road, the main shopping district within the city.

No matter how little or how long you plan to stay in Singapore, The Grand Hyatt allows you to combine business with pleasure.




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