Munduk Moding Plantation

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Munduk Moding Plantation

Shrouded in a mist in Bali’s highlands is Munduk – a tranquil bygone area that overlooks lakes, valleys and mountains with peaks concealed in wisps of mist. Nestled on the mountainside is the stunning 5-star resort, Munduk Moding Plantation, which has seemingly made the sky its home.

To say we’re currently sitting in the clouds writing this as we watch from our Garden Suite patio is both an exaggeration and an understatement for a mist descends to shroud Munduk in mystery. It’s much cooler up in the highlands of Munduk and you’ll be greeted by an unexpected breeze when you arrive from the sweltering conditions of Ubud or Seminyak.

Munduk Moding Plantation was designed by the same architect who envisioned Ubud’s renowned Hanging Gardens. A regular feature on Instagram feeds.

Equally Instagrammable in design, Munduk Moding Plantation’s beautiful infinity pool is an optical illusion that makes the mountainside pool look like it emerges into the clouds.

Visually stunning throughout the day as the still water acts as a mirror to the clouds, but the infinity pool is even more breath-taking at dusk during sunset when the colourful lights glimmer off of the water until the sun sets behind the mountains.

There are various room categories available at the resort and our private Garden Suite had a wonderful vantage point to soak in the view of the vale. The bed was massive and luxurious in design with a net curtain draped stylishly around. The bathroom contained a big sunken tub and an open rainforest shower with its own skylight.

There’s only one restaurant at the resort, which is used for breakfast, lunch, high tea (local coffee and biscuits) and dinner. While there aren’t loads of dining options available on site, you don’t need more than the one as this dining area overlooks the infinity pool and the panoramic mountain view. A lot of the ingredients used in the dishes are organically grown in their own vegetable garden and the coffee that they serve is their own, too.

If you do happen to get an inclination to sample Munduk’s local restaurants scene, there are a number of eateries available at the nearby small hillside towns. We ate out one night, however, without question we preferred our night in at the resort’s own poolside restaurant. The food served at the resort is of a high quality and exceptional value. A generous sized steak with elegantly presented sides cost no more than a mere €8. If you want to change things up, you can organise a romantic private dinner in their pavilion.

At the resort there’s a few things to do to while away your day other than soak in the jacuzzi or perch on the infinity pool ledge. Munduk Moding Plantation offers a spa facility where you can be pampered. We had an extremely relaxing and thorough couple’s massage treatment there. You can explore the grounds that delve into the outskirts of the jungle the resort is built beside and discover several Instagrammable spots.

There’s so much to see around Munduk within the vicinity of the resort, which you can read on our blog post of Things to Do in Munduk. Of course, nothing mentioned is within walking distance. The only way to visit the waterfalls, human bird nests, and temples around the area are by car, however, the resort provides a free shuttle bus to local sights. They have a schedule to places that you can visit for no extra charge and then additional costs apply for other excursions. The staff arranged for us to be taken to the floating temple in the early hours of the morning without any issue and waited until we were finished shooting so they could take us back.

We highly recommend Munduk Moding Plantation; it’s one of our favourite and most memorable places and one of the best resorts in Bali. The luxurious resort was genuinely a wonderful experience and an exceptional place to stay for a couple of days.

Whether you’re having your honeymoon in Bali, a nomad interested in the Bali life or an Instagrammer in need of a stunning shot, Munduk Moding Plantation is a resort you simply must add to your list of places to stay in Bali.

Tip: Check Google Maps carefully on your route to the resort as it doesn’t always give the obvious and easy route. If you take the wrong route up to the resort (like we did), you will feel like you are forever ascending up the mountainside at such a trajectory that you would be forgiven for thinking your car’s engine might explode in protest. By taking the right turn off, you could save yourself 30 minutes.

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