The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa Review

by Joe Kelly
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The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa Review

I went to Langkawi with plans of exploring the island in an effort to get some tropical inspiring Instagram shots, but The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa threw a spanner in the works by ensuring that I never wanted to leave the five star Malaysian resort. Not once did I even have a notion of venturing outside their grounds because this beautiful beach front resort absolutely spoiled me in such a manner that I fear my husband will forever fail to meet expectations.

Upon arrival, I was greeted with branded coconuts awaiting. It was like they’d been following my travelling adventures and taken note of my love for coconuts and being unable to resist a classy gimmick. The welcome experience continued to impress as I was sat down before their million-dollar view of dense jungle islands and the glittering sapphire Andaman Sea, which is an entrancing sight all guests are welcomed with at check-in.

With the waves rolling onto their own private beach, I listened as it was passionately explained to me of the values The Westin Langkawi places in making sure guests feel at ease from the moment they check-in to the point they check-out. This is highlighted by the fact that the Malaysian resort have consciously designed all of their different category rooms in a similar way so that every single guest feels equal while staying at The Westin Langkawi.

Their aim is that both families and honeymooners would be able to enjoy the resort, which sounded like a strange mix to me, yet when we were there, the resort was running at a high occupancy but you never felt like you were surrounded by people. Often you felt like there was no-one else around and each person that you did pass were in their own mesmerised daze. I was able to take in the peaceful tropical environment without ever being disturbed.

To add to the tranquillity, I stayed at the One-Bedroom Beach Front Villa which was the epitome of privacy. The villa came with its own pool, daybed and was very modern and spacious inside. It was like having my own house situated on the beachfront. To be able to leave my little home to stroll barefoot along the soft sand while taking in either the pink skies of sunrise or sunset made me feel extremely lucky and grateful that I was able to share such an experience and it felt like I was having a late honeymoon in Malaysia.

Eating at The Westin Langkawi

When it comes to food, we honestly ate like royalty at The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa throughout our entire stay.

Their breakfast buffet was extremely extensive, from pastries to Chinese dim sum, it was to the point that the hotel also had their own juice and smoothie bar, though I did tend to gravitate more towards their sparkling wine section. There was even steak on offer at breakfast, which my husband devoured.

We got to sample their brand-new lunch menu at the Seasonal Tastes Restaurant, which the Executive Chef and his team have worked hard over the past few months to source and import the best ingredients from around the world to create light, healthy and authentic Malaysian dishes packed full of flavour. If you’re looking for something a little meatier and greasier, then my husband suggests you go up top to their Breeze Lounge and take in their million-dollar view as you chow down on their scrumptious beef burger while I recommend that you avail of their fresh seafood with the king prawns.

For dinner, depending on which day you stay at the resort, there is a different daily theme buffet that takes place in either the Seasonal Tastes restaurant or at Poolside. We got to experience the all-you-can-eat Brazilian Poolside BBQ, which costs RM220++ per person. There’s a variety of fare and that price includes free flow drinks, including wine and beer, and traditional dancing entertainment. However, if I only had one night to eat dinner at the Malaysian resort, my personal preference was their seafront restaurant, Tide.

At Tide, you can sit with a glass of wine facing the Andaman Sea and catch the sunset before you eat. I really enjoyed Tide and while there, I opted for the seafood crab special that they had on the night, however, I was glad that an apron was provided because I didn’t make the dinner a glamourous looking affair. Nor did it help that I was battling severe food envy throughout the meal as my husband’s Surf & Turf dinner of lobster and steak was divine. The steak was tender and there was a large portion of fresh lobster given. The food was fantastic, but what I particularly recall about my meal at Tide is the breeze coming in off the gentle lapping water as the beach’s palm trees swayed. The setting just made for an overall memorable and romantic time to reflect on our day spent together.

What I Did at The Westin Langkawi

I was swept up by the romance of the resort to such a degree that I had this misplaced notion of going kayaking with my loving husband off to one of Langkawi’s many tropical islands. It’s amazing how you can learn so much about yourself in just two hours and I discovered I’m not one of those outdoor adventurous women who can make a mountain hike look as strenuous as a daylong shopping marathon. Kayaking’s tough and what was meant to be a 15-minute kayak trip from the tropical resort became a seemingly forever ‘just 5 more minutes’ ordeal. Especially when you have a lump of a hubby in the back paddling in the opposite direction. To those adventurous spirits, you’ll enjoy it as you’re brought to a secluded alcove where a section is made of calcium, which turns the outcrop into musical rocks. To those who like their air-conditioning, I suggest taking one of the resort’s mini-coopers around the island.

To get over my strenuous excursion, I had a couple’s spa treatment at their Heavenly Spa. It was indeed a heavenly experience and very much welcomed. You pick out one of the words Hope, Gratitude or Love to look upon while you’re being treated so that your thoughts are filled with positive energy as your body is revitalised.

I’m a big yoga fan and was disappointed when I discovered I’d be missing the complimentary yoga sessions as they weren’t on during the time I was staying, but my spirits were lifted when I was offered the chance to soar with Fly Yoga. I’d never done it before and though I wasn’t very graceful, it was such an interesting experience to try and stretch and move while elevated. Fly Yoga is only available upon request but I think anyone who is into their yoga would enjoy trying this at least once.

Anyone who wants to know how to make an Instagrammable Cocktail should give the Handcrafted Cocktail making session a go. I’m not quite sure how much I can honestly say I did as the in-house mixologist took on the role of sorcerer and used the infusion of ingredients within his pineapple cauldron to concoct my own A Girl Who Blooms drink that I had while watching the sun fall beyond a tropical island.

Who Would I Recommend Should Stay There

For any newlyweds looking to make Malaysia their honeymoon destination, you will love for The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa. It’s a pampering, privacy and a picturesque place to get lost in the romance with your new partner. Langkawi island (from what I saw) is beautiful and the service offered by the staff at the resort makes it a wonderful honeymoon destination in Malaysia.

How Long Did I Stay?

I stayed there for three days and two nights. I felt that it was just enough time to relax and enjoy the resort, but that I would need longer to explore the island’s attractions without feeling like I was missing out on enjoying everything The Westin Langkawi had to offer. If I had a few more days, I would have taken their mini cooper out for a drive and gone on the 10-minute walk to the nearby shopping centre to explore more of the area.

Also, the Westin Langkawi is a sister hotel of The St. Regis Langkawi, and they are located right beside one another. Guests of either hotel are entitled to use the facilities of both hotels and can eat at the restaurants of both resorts with any expenditures accumulated being added to your final checkout bill. So, basically that means you get to use the best of what two beachfront resorts offer for the price of one.

How Did I Get There

I travelled by plane from Kuala Lumpur using AirAsia. It was a straightforward flight that took about an hour. When I arrived at the airport, I was greeted by The Westin Langkawi’s airport pickup service. The resort is located on the other side of island to the airport but it’s a small island and the drive from the airport to resort takes approximately 40 minutes. If you want to make a grand entrance, they do have a helicopter pad, so maybe next time ….

Things You Should Know

There’s a nice perk that anyone considering The Westin Langkawi should know about and that is their Private Airport Lounge. Trust me when I say that Langkawi’s airport is small and there’s not much on the other side of security. You’ll be grateful of the resort’s private WiFi equipped and snack packed lounge, which is exclusively only available for their Suite Guests, Villa Guests and Starwood Preferred Guest® Platinum members.

I felt privileged during my time at The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa such was the level of attention given by the staff and I look back on my time there with great fondness. Our private Beach Front Villa was such a lovely little home to have in the resort and I can’t wait to be able to return sometime in the future.

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