The Colony Hotel Review

by Joe Kelly
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The Colony Hotel Review

The Colony Hotel in Seminyak exudes an old-fashioned charm dissimilar to anything typically and traditionally Balinese. The beautiful white colonial holiday accommodation is three-stars but the given star rating doesn’t do this hotel justice.

The large pool is the heart of The Colony Hotel and its sophisticated beauty attracts guests to flirt with the water throughout the day. Idyllic palm trees loom over the water and the contrast of the lush green ferns against the brilliant white walls create an elegant air. Lying out while sipping cocktails felt like I was from old money and staying in the swanky hills of California rather than nestled in the Seminyak Beach neighbourhood of Bali. The adults-only policy (16+) ensures that the illusion of wealthy exclusivity remains intact.

The rooms are nice and the bed was so comfortable that it was like sleeping on a cloud. Classical lamps that you have to pull the hanging cord to switch on and off maintain the vintage style of the hotel. We had a room on ground level and despite the windows facing the swimming pool and subject to people passing by, there was an air of privacy. I never felt at any particular time a desire to be in a room on the first floor instead. My only criticism of the room is that the floor was quite slippery. It was something to do with the condensation, I’m not sure why it affected the floors so much but there were multiple occasions when walking around called into question my balancing skills.

The staff were attentive and friendly without ever being overbearing. They watched you like a hawk, noting when you were out of the room eating breakfast at poolside or taking in some sunrays, and used the time you were out of your room as an opportunity to clean it without ever disrupting your day (ie afternoon recovery snoozes).

A nice perk for guests staying at The Colony Hotel is a complimentary drink at the adjoining restaurant, The Urchid, during Happy Hour, which also comes with a small bite. Sitting out on the restaurant’s terrace with a free drink while people watching was an enjoyable pre-dinner activity and you can also prolong your discounted stay at The Urchid with 15% off your dinner.

I had my choice of cafes and restaurants as The Colony Hotel is very central with favourite cafes and restaurants located just outside the entrance. The Colony Hotel is ideal for couples of all ages, newlyweds and I’d also recommend it to any Instagrammers. The abundance of white with the addition of palm trees and colonial style architecture makes for the perfect backdrop for any feed.

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