Banyan Tree Ungasan

by Joe Kelly
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Banyan Tree Ungasan

After spending three weeks moving across Bali non-stop, there was a tinge of relief when our holiday reached its climax in the Southern peninsula. To conclude our Bali holiday by staying at one of the country’s leading resorts, the Banyan Tree Ungasan, was the most wonderful way to end our trip.

Waking up to the sound of rain pattering on the sliding doors in the early hours of the morning was like listening to soft music. We just fell straight back to sleep in the lax of luxury that our dual Ocean View Pool Villa offered with the intention of just basking in the peace we were being given.

The Banyan Tree Ungasan is an award-winning resort and is one of the leading hotels in Bali. The cliff-edge retreat is located 70m above sea level on the southern tip of Bali in Ungasan. The resort is in close proximity to the airport as well as surrounding attractions, such as Uluwatu Temple, making it an ideal place to stay for those who don’t want to undertake hard journeys for a spot of sightseeing.

Our villa was simply stunning. We didn’t need all of the room that we were given with our two-bedroom Ocean Villa, with the second bedroom being in a separate villa. The villa also had a spacious living room area and kitchen, a beautiful bathtub, a private infinity pool and a Jacuzzi – everything that we could possibly need to host an Insta-party! Which we didn’t, because we were so tired from our three-week trip around Bali so we just relaxed and enjoyed our luxurious accommodation with its breath-taking panoramic Indian Ocean views.

The relaxing days began with a boozy breakfast affair at Bambu Restaurant, to which we indulged in and lounged around their stunning infinity pool after. The food available from the buffet differs slightly day to day but the high level of quality doesn’t change. The range of tasty pastries are indulgent, the rich beef medallions are scrumptious and the lobster and truffle scrambled eggs is simply fantastic. I implore you to order this dish because it would be a travesty if you didn’t. You can also order your breakfast to your villa as a floating breakfast, which was a lot of fun, though you are constantly conscious that it may drift off the side of your infinity pool and down the cliff.

We briefly met an elderly couple who sat in the same spot every morning for breakfast, rain or shine, where they could have their breakfast while overlooking the stunning infinity pool and scenic ocean views.

With stunning undisturbed views of the glistening ocean available, it’s certainly understandable to see why.

They had been coming to the resort for over a decade and had practically made the Banyan Tree Ungasan their home away from home by purchasing one of the villas.

The sunsets tended to be mesmerising as the entire sky lit up in a magical bright pink hue as the sun set behind the ocean horizon.

Their Ju-Ma-Na Restaurant and Bar was the perfect vantage point to watch day transition to night on their terraces before sitting down in their restaurant to a romantic gourmet experience. Each dish is prepared with careful precision and decoration at their award-winning restaurant.

The restaurant was also located right next to the stunning White Dove chapel – what a lovely place to tie the knot before spending the first few days of your honeymoon at the resort.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at this 5-star resort. If you have a big budget, then it’s a good option to consider for your honeymoon. It’s not the place to go if you’re looking for somewhere to experience ‘real Bali’ and take in all the sights. The Banyan Tree Ungasan is a place to sit back, relax and indulge.

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