The Green Village Review

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The Green Village Review

Keep your eyes peeled as you just might miss the discreet entrance to a man-made natural secret hideaway. Hidden from prying eyes by Bali’s tropical jungle is a bamboo made community entwined into the lush surroundings, however, word on this eco-friendly compound is slowly starting to get out as the world is whispering of the existence of The Green Village.

Located off what you would consider a main road, The Green Village’s front office and bamboo houses are concealed within a dense bamboo forest. The Green Village is undetectable from roadside and is unimaginable even from within when you’re exploring the Instagrammer’s playground in gleeful wonder.

Built entirely from bamboo, this remote getaway copiously incorporates the characteristics of the river valley that surrounds the compound hideaway.

You are living within the natural environment when staying at The Green Village, so be prepared to make friends with creepy crawlies and to be absorbed by uninterrupted views of treetops, palm trees and rivers, which you can admire from your in-room hammock. There’s no air conditioning in the bamboo houses due to its green philosophy and all ventilation is supplied through the open air.

We took a car from the front office to reach the main and largest multi-story bamboo house that was located within a slightly more urban setting. An inconspicuous gate slid open to allow us to enter a small driveway that could have belonged to anyone’s home.

However, any semblance of familiar civilization faded into natural wilderness when we descended down several steps to discover a bamboo-made bridge entrance.

Each floor of the unique artistic architectural structure astounded in some delightful way. The fascinating infrastructure contains multiple bedrooms, bathrooms concealed by wooden frames built into the design, and spacious communal areas. It is little wonder that the unique and private experience of staying at The Green Village has attracted A-list celebrities to use the place as a base while staying in Bali, but it’s not just for the rich and famous.

The Green Village is open to the general public and you can book to stay at the unique accommodation through Airbnb. The price ranges, depending on the house category, from $1,000 to $100 a night. Considering that the most expensive bamboo house can hold 10 people, the prices can be divided out to make it very reasonable and affordable for anyone going to Bali on holiday.

The world is becoming more and more environmentally aware and The Green Village supports that cause from the ground up. It’s a great accommodation option for large groups who are looking for somewhere completely unique and memorable to stay while in Bali.

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