Use Holiday Swap to Find $1 a Night Accommodation

by Joe Kelly
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Use Holiday Swap to Find $1 a Night Accommodation

One of the questions that I get asked almost daily is how can I afford to travel and stay at all of the amazing places I visit.

The honest truth is that I can’t.

What I do is work extremely hard when on location with ridiculous o’clock rises and dedicate hours towards getting inspiring content for my host which I believe showcases where I’m staying best. For a two-night stay, I probably have just enough spare time to unwind in the hotel’s pool for half an hour, so, unless you’re a fellow Instatraveller, you’re likely not going to want to do that.

Therefore, my interest was piqued when Guinness World Record traveller, James Asquith, shared with me his brainchild. A concept that would open up frequent travelling to more than just the super-rich or influencers and make it more accessible to everyone by giving them an option to stay somewhere for free. Sounds like an idea too good to be true, right? Well, turns out James made that idea a reality when he released the award-winning app Holiday Swap.

You could be swapping your home with someone in Thailand or Italy …

The concept is as simple as the name suggests. After you’ve downloaded the app and registered as a member, you can look for suitable available accommodation in over 100 different countries to swap your home with. It’s free to download – you only pay into your Holiday Swap membership when you’re on holiday at $1 a night per bed, meaning if you stayed at a one bedroom apartment for a week, your holiday accommodation would have only cost you a mere $7. Think of all the extra coffee money you’ll now have to spend!

Or wherever you want with over 100 countries available on Holiday Swap.

What if you don’t have a home to swap? Then swap your bedroom. As long as your swapping partner agrees to the deal, then what you decide to exchange for your free accommodation is between you. A filter system combined with the Always Bag Packed feature allows you to find your ideal accommodation wherever it might be in the world with the freedom of whatever dates best suit you. User ratings and a deposit option gives you peace of mind when it comes to swapping your home with a fellow Holiday Swap member, and if you want to get to know the person a bit before you decide to commit, you can use the built-in chat feature.

Holiday Swap is an ideal accommodation option for budget travellers or families looking for a holiday that still comes with all the familiar home comforts you’d only ever find in a lived in home. It’s free to download and available on both Android and iPhone, so you might as well see if there’s someone out there in your ideal destination who’s willing to swap with you.

Will I be using Holiday Swap? To possibly not have to face ridiculous o’clock sunrises, you better believe it’ll be an option I’ll be exploring whenever I plan future trips. Travelling is such an inspiring part of my life and I’m lucky that I get to live the life I’ve always dreamed. And Holiday Swap is an app that will allow you to travel as much as I do and as much as you’ve always dreamed.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, which brought the app to my attention, but the thoughts and words are my own.

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