137 Pillars Suites & Residences Review

by Joe Kelly
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137 Pillars Suites & Residences Review

There’s something magical about the sunsets in Bangkok. They’re so vibrant and everlasting, seemingly starting early in the evening and stretching until night fully cloaks the city, and you can take in every moment of the multi-coloured skyline from the majestic 137 Pillars Suites.

I’ll start this review off by stating that I absolutely loved this fabulous hotel. I don’t know how many instashoots I took at their rooftop pool but I just couldn’t get enough. Instagrammable is one way to describe it, but breath-taking and inspiring would be more relatable to any traveller considering where to stay when in Bangkok.

An award-winning hotel situated in an up and coming trendy area of the city, this hotel brand originated in Chiang Mai and Bangkok’s 137 Pillars Suites & Residences is the second of a growing chain of luxurious hotels across Thailand. The owners are a family of designers, which is evident as everything about the hotel is aesthetically sleek. One of the designers may even be a Game of Thrones fan as there was an actual moon door on the 26thfloor! Albeit covered by glass, and perfectly safe, it was still a feature I’d never seen before at a hotel and a thrill to, eventually, stand upon.

In regard to our accommodation, putting it bluntly, I wish our room at 137 Pillars Suites was our apartment. It was so spacious and modern and seemingly came with everything, including your own butler. Our butler’s name was Gift and she was full of advice on where we should go and then finding out the best way for us to get there. And how did we keep in touch with her when we had a question to ask? With the hotel’s mobile device that you can take out into the city and use to keep in touch with the butler team, make national and international calls for free, and, my favourite feature, use as a personal hotspot to give your own phone internet access!

Now, back to the room. There was a private terrace where you could lounge on the daybed while sipping on a coffee from your in-room coffee machine. The bathroom was extremely modern with a beautiful marble design. His and her sinks, which is always a plus, and an oval bathtub with city views. The room was fitted with technological features, too, with air conditioning that shut off when the terrace doors opened and lights that turned off after you left the room in a bid to preserve energy. Also, I have to mention their ‘intelligent’ toilet with a seat that lifted when you entered.  our room faced sunrise so we got up especially early to take it in. You can stay at 137 Pillars Suites in their Residence Suites, which is suitable for families or long term staying guests.

A proper High Tea is available in the hotel’s Executive Lounge – finger sandwiches, fresh scones and cakes and chocolate treats. The coffee served at 137 Pillars Suites’ Executive Lounge rivalled anything I’d tried in the city, complete with latte art, so I was over the moon to have that available throughout the day. Only one cocktail is offered in the evening per guest, but it was one of extremely high quality, and their breakfast was exemplary. They actually had healthy options available on the menu, which isn’t easy to find. Smoothies, tasty fruit bowls and dishes featuring avocado or wagu beef are just some of the options to indulge on along with a delicious buffet spread. All that can be washed down with (multiple) mimosas.

I’ve already briefly mentioned the rooftop pool, and I will again because their panoramic view of the city from there is spectacular. You can only access the floor with a specific elevator restricted to suite guests, but if you’re convinced to stay at 137 Pillars Suites already, it’s worth the extra cost to have full access to the hotel’s facilities. The rooftop pool is the perfect vantage point to watch the sun slowly set over the city and you can literally spend hours there without feeling like you’re missing out on exploring the city. The only problem with the rooftop pool is that seating is extremely limited, which doesn’t prevent you from being able to soak in the view or have a swim, however, it can stop you from getting truly comfortable.

The other infinity pool is open to all hotel guests and just as mesmerising in its beauty and boasts splendid city views. Marble is prominent throughout the poolside, including the sleek Marble Bar. It’s also where that (glass) Moon Door is, so watch where you step.

There’s no tourist attractions to speak of when you step outside of the hotel, however, 137 Pillars combat this by offering an all-day shuttle ride via their novel transportation of a London Cab to the Phrom Phong BTS Skytrain Station and the massive EmQuartier shopping centre. Not what I expected to ride around in while in Bangkok and a far cry from the zippy Tuk Tuks.

Where the hotel is located is the up and coming Thong area, which is a business district with various hipster cafes and trendy restaurants and bars nearby. This makes 137 Pillars Suites a hotel best suited for the leisure and business traveller, while tourists staying will have to understand and accept they’d still have to use tuk tuks, taxis or Grab to get from place to place.

After I’ve been to Bangkok for the first time, I admit that I still haven’t figured out the ins and outs of the city due to its sheer size, but I can’t wait to go back and I wouldn’t hesitate in staying at 137 Pillars Suites again to learn more of what this busy city has to offer. I loved every second that I spent at this hotel.

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