Four Seasons Nam Hai Review

by Joe Kelly
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Four Seasons Nam Hai Review

Tiers of multiple pools shimmer in the tropical sun. An inviting infinity pool is flanked by palm trees and beyond the pool there is a stretch of clean white sand that eventually gives way to sparkling ocean blue. Vietnam is everything you’d imagined and you haven’t even finished checking in to The Four Seasons Nam Hai.

The Four Seasons Nam Hai is a luxury resort in Vietnam that ties together the characteristics of tropical Vietnam with beautiful extravagance. For two nights, we stayed in the One Bedroom Beachfront Villa, which epitomised the customs of the country in its architectural design. There are a range of different villas available at the Four Seasons capable of accommodating families of different sizes along with private pool villas, too.

Sipping the provided complimentary Nespresso coffee (I love writing that) on our outdoor terrace while watching the sun rise over the horizon was a great way to kick off our day. The morning that we rose for an early morning stroll along one of the best beaches in the world, a group of monks who were staying at the resort were already greeting the dawn of a new day. All of which added to the idyllic setting.

You could get around the 5-star resort by comfortably walking along the stunning shoreline or take your allocated bicycle along the paths that weave through the 5,000 palm trees around the Vietnamese resort. The Four Seasons Nam Hai isn’t that big that the bicycle is a necessity, but it’s much quicker than walking and ringing that bell warning other guests that you’re ‘a comin’ is a lot more fun. Plus, it’s a great way to build up an appetite.

There are several dining options available at the resort. My personal recommendation is that you have breakfast at Café Nam Hai because the buffet spread is contained indoors, which preserves the freshness of the food throughout the morning.

Then, for lunch, go to their open aired restaurant, Lá Sen. The menu has various Vietnamese dishes that are just divine. We also got to feed our coffee addiction with our first taste of Vietnamese coffee. It’s a wonderful and easy introduction to the country’s unique cuisine while taking in the glorious view of the white sand beach beneath the lush palm trees, which, of course, provide your refreshing coconut drinks.

The resort’s Spa was different to any other spa I’d been to before as it had been incorporated around a tranquil green hued lotus pond. The spa treatment began with an exfoliating scrub before we took a soothing bath in one of the private lotus-pond baths. This was followed with the actual pampering massage as the masseuses proceeded to put us into a relaxed comatose state.

Once we were finished we took part in the resort’s nightly Goodnight Kiss to the Earth ritual at sunset where we wrote our hopes and dreams and set them free onto the lotus pond.

When the time comes to leave your lush sanctuary of luxury and go exploring, The Four Seasons Nam Hai provides a 20-minute shuttle bus ride from the resort to the charming Hoi An. The first shuttle bus leaves the 5-star resort at 10am in the morning and the last one returns at 9:30pm. There are several time slots that the bus runs throughout the day, however, you could always take a taxi if the times doesn’t suit, which we did early one morning.

A little thing that I really liked at the Four Seasons Nam Hai was that at the front desk there are a few breakfast pastries available for taking in the morning. This is great for guests who have to rush off to the airport or are just looking to get an early start on their sightseeing and don’t have time to sit for breakfast. It was such a simple thing but I’d never seen it offered elsewhere before. We were also gifted a bottle of champagne and a representative also met us directly after customs at the airport in what would be a considered a restricted area. I always feel it’s those extra mile gestures that make a guest’s stay a fond and memorable one.

The Four Seasons Hoi An is a family orientated resort with multiple beautiful pools available for children, and there’s a Quiet Pool reserved just for adults so any honeymooners going to Vietnam can enjoy the tranquil surroundings, too. The resort is only about thirty minutes from the airport, and their car transfer is Wi-Fi equipped, ensuring that your time with them is one of comfort from the moment you arrive into Vietnam to the moment you leave.

Thank you to Four Seasons Hoi An for hosting our stay. I only review what I personally experienced at the property and all thoughts are my own.

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