Most Instagrammable Spots in Hanoi, Vietnam

by Joe Kelly
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Most Instagrammable Spots in Hanoi, Vietnam

Most Instagrammable Spots in Hanoi

Train Street

Train street is a unique and colourful narrow street in the Old Quarter, where many locals live and where a train passes through, at high speed, several times a day. What’s interesting about the street is how narrow it is. The train is sometimes mere inches from the doors and motorbikes parked outside.

I can only imagine how the locals must have adapted to its comings and goings, which is apparently twice a day, at just 3pm and 7pm, but I arrived at 1pm, and they were closing off the street for it to come through, so perhaps they’ve added another route to the schedule.

Tip: We went to the section between Khan Tien and Le Duan. Don’t be disappointed if you miss the train or don’t have time to catch sight of it. It comes and go so fast, so just go with the intention of seeing the location’s uniqueness.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral

St Joseph’s Cathedral is the oldest church in Hanoi and one of the first structures built by the French in 1886, resembling the famous Notre Dame cathedral in Paris . It’s a distinctive building in Hanoi, making it a beautiful backdrop for your Hanoi instacollection. Wander around the area after for this part of the city is alive with trendy bars and restaurants.

Instagrammable Walls

There are two instagrammable walls right beside St Joseph’s Cathedral. One of the walls is yellow, with a bench and the other is turquoise blue. Both beautifully styled and very grammable, with hanging pots, lush plants, colourful ceramics and tropical vines. Beautiful and fun content for your instafeed.

Tip:The walls are located at Ấu Triệu, the street to the right of St. Joseph’s Cathedral if you’re looking directly at it.

Notes Cafe

The Notes Coffee is a fun and friendly Instagrammable coffee shop in the centre of Hanoi, right beside Hoan Kiem Lake. Colourful post-it messages from coffee loving travellers and locals alike line the walls, tables and chairs. Messages contain motivation quotes, life learnings and declarations of love in their thousands, making this café one of the most inspirational places you can go. See if you can find my note as you scan the walls for reading material while savouring your great cup of coffee! And make sure you try the banh mi sandwich; naughty but oh so delicious!

French Quarter

Just walking around here you’ll feel the blend of French and Vietnamese architecture, making for some beautifully charismatic Instagram photos. We took to Le Lai street where there were many mansions and buildings of a distinctive French style and the walk led to the Ho Hoan Kiem lake.

Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel

If you’d like to capture a slice of old world charm, take to the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel in the French Quarter. The hotel is built in the French colonial style, and holds many luxury boutiques inside. Head to the main lobby to capture a shot with their beautiful black vintage cars. Perfect for lifestyle and fashion feeds, and such a lovely area to walk around after.

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