When Are You Considered a Success? by @alifeimagined

by @agirlwhoblooms
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As we were on the brink of hitting our milestone of 50,000 followers at the start of this week, we received a, not so congratulatory, message to remind us that real success is living somewhere, like London , with a ‘big job’. Because ‘that is success’.

Those three words were the not so subtle message behind the message that was loud and clear. Anything that we had achieved over the last 10 months did not matter, or, perhaps what is more accurate is that they would not allow us to believe it matters. Why? Because it did not measure up to what others wanted to proclaim was real success.

So, what is real success? And when do you consider yourself successful?

The standard norm for most people would be to have a well-paying and respected job. To keep pace with your peers and belong to your community. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s considered the norm for a reason. What’s hard to understand is wanting to stray from the path worn by so many before.

For us, we wanted to not let the days that were seamlessly ticking on by melt into years. Over this past year, we decided to take a chance by stepping out of our comfort zone and try something many dream of and only so few ever try to realise.

Now, we could measure our level of achievement by:

–       How many followers we’ve accrued

–       The growing number of global brands we’ve managed to work with

–       The different unique experiences we’ve had that you can only get by travelling

–       Or by the fact that we get to spend every day with one another being happy.

Will what we’re doing last forever? Probably not. Does that mean what we’ve done is anything less? Not on your life.

While this concept can be hard for some to fathom, success should not be defined by someone else’s perception or the community standard. No matter how hard the naysayers try, have conviction in your beliefs and dare to step out of your bubble. People not only don’t understand what they don’t know, they fear it. Everything we’ve gained or received over this past year is because we left our fears of failure behind and dared to try what everyone else told us was impossible.

We dared to believe, we’re making the most of our skills, talents, potential, and as a result, we are happy.

That is success.

I cannot give you an answer of when you will receive monetary success or when you will receive respect from those around you. What I can say is that you cannot achieve success without failure and you must attempt something before you can fail. The amount of times you fail is how you will eventually measure your success.



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