Things To Do in Munduk, Bali

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Things To Do in Munduk, Bali

Munduk is beautiful and mystical. While full of lush natural attractions and cultural temples that have naturally become tourist hotspots, Munduk feels for the most part almost untouched and maintains the bygone natural qualities that Bali is renowned for. There’s a lot to do and see in Munduk and here’s our list of what to do in Munduk, which we managed to do in the three wonderful days that we spent in the north of Bali.

Heavenly Gates

Everyone wants a picture of the Golf Resort’s Heavenly Gates. It is one of the most Instagrammable things to do in Bali. A lot of people, myself included, spent a lot of time before going researching when was the best time to go to the Heavenly Gates in Bali in order to make sure they got their feed worthy shot.

What people don’t know is it isn’t free to stand before and take a picture of, but it’s actually fine. It costs 20.0000 per person (though, if you go before 7am, there’s no security) and it works just like a queuing system.

You take your Instagrammable shot, you take a few more, and then you’re on your way while the poor innocent tourist continues to wait for the next painstakingly pedantic Instagrammer to be done.

Monkey Drive

On the way past the Heavenly Gates as you ascend up to Munduk, you will likely see a tribe of monkeys on the side of the road. Keep driving until you see a layby with a little wooden hut and if it’s the same one that we visited, you will meet an elderly woman selling fruit to feed the monkeys. Do it! It’s so much fun! The monkeys are incredibly friendly and gentle, though don’t pet them as they like to be the ones who do all of the touching. We paid 10,000 for our first fruit basket and ended up buying two more after the grandfather monkey claimed me as his prize.

Swing Observation Set

There are multiple Swing Observation Sets that you can stop off at to get a beautiful suspended shot above the twin lakes. Each has their own unique vantage points and sets to sit upon. The one that we stopped off at was directly opposite the turn off towards the Twin Waterfalls. It cost us 20.000 per head to enter and use the five sets. This seems to be a good price as another Swing Observation Set’s prices were 40.000.

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple

Another Instagrammable thing to do in Bali, and just a place to see in general, is to visit Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple. It costs 5.000 to park and 50.000 per person to enter the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple.

The temple is open from 5am and we were there at 7am sharp to find the place was deserted except for the workers. However, we missed sunrise so get there half an hour earlier if that’s what you’re aiming for.

We hired a row boat for 100.000 for the hour, though, in truth, we did have it for more than the hour.

Twin Waterfall

We tried to go to the Twin Waterfall, but, we didn’t get far. Be warned that the road is narrow and is in really poor condition and we all decided that our particular car didn’t have the right suspension to be able to endure three kilometres. We actually got stuck in the mud as we tried to go back and only for the kind locals on hand did we get unstuck and back on our way. We regret not getting out and walking. We’ll know for next time but at least you can go prepared.

Munduk Waterfall

The Munduk Waterfall is one of the activities that you can do with Munduk Moding Plantation or your own driver can bring you. If you go with your own driver, you have to pay a small fee of 5.000 to park next to a shop. From there you’ll take about a 15-minute walk down an easy dirt path, which you don’t need a tour guide to navigate you through.

Watch out for motorcycles as drivers are zipping up and down to the waterfall with passengers on their back. I took a ride down for a small fee, which wasn’t the smartest thing but it was exhilarating, however I should have walked down and taken the ride up the hill rather than the other way around! When you get down to the waterfall, you’ll have to pay an entrance fee of 20.000 per person.

You’ll then walk to the base of a beautiful 50m high waterfall in the midst of the lush jungle. The water falls from a sheer vertical drop and is too powerful to stand beneath and there was no paddling pool to speak of so you’re really going just to admire the waterfall’s majesty. There were barely any other tourists around so you should have tranquillity.

However, the waterfall is not as impressive as others that you’re likely see on your trip around Bali, so I’d recommend that you stop in to Munduk Waterfall only if you’re passing by or are staying nearby, but don’t make a special journey.

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