Soneva Kiri Review

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Soneva Kiri Review

It was such a dream to stay somewhere like this magical resort in Koh Kood, which borders Thailand and Cambodia, and Soneva Kiri truly epitomised and exceeded all of our expectations of what a six star resort should be.

After checking in at Soneva Kiri’s own desk in Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, we boarded a private 8 seater plane to take a smooth 90 minute flight before eventually landing at the resort’s exclusive runway on the island opposite Soneva Kiri. Flying in the small plane was such a pleasure and it’s hard to remember a time when we’ve travelled in such comfort. There was plenty of room in the leather seats, and complimentary water and healthy snacks of dried bananas and nuts allowed us to arrive on the island refreshed and full of anticipation.

Landing on a small airstrip framed by tropical jungle made me think of Jurassic Park, but rather than a hungry dinosaur bursting out of the undergrowth, we were greeted by one of the resort’s welcoming staff members who escorted us to the awaiting speedboat for a 5 minute boat ride to our final destination – a six star resort of pure luxury.

Wooden walkways are framed by lush ferns and looming palm trees while buildings look like they’d been constructed by a team of Robinson Crusoes.

The design of the resort is beautiful, weaving the nature of the lush island with barefoot luxury. ‘No News, No Shoes’ is the mantra of Soneva Kiri. This luxurious resort is meant to be an escape from all of the hectic buzz that consumes our daily lives and a place to reconnect with ourselves and nature.

At the front of our designated accommodation was our own private buggy to use at our leisure to zip around the resort, and a bamboo walkway. This was the lush entrance to our incredible Beachfront Villa, which offered an abundance of space and opulence. The outdoor lounge area was big enough to host an extravagant party for all of the guests’ staying at the resort if we’d wanted to. Along with a choice of complimentary still or sparkling water, there was an authentic Italian coffee machine located on the outdoor terrace, so we could sip coffee throughout the day while enjoying our beachfront villa.

The glass panelled bedroom was as spacious as it was stunning. Wooden floors, a separate dressing room and hardly any switches or wires were visible as many of the wall sockets and light switches were hidden within cupboards or behind secret panels. There is a TV available but it too is hidden away and was never seen throughout our stay because we preferred watching the surrounding beauty of Soneva Kiri.

Outside behind the villa was the outdoor bathroom nestled within tropical plants and trees. There was a beautiful outdoor bath, showers and comfortable loungers. The villa’s private pool was big enough for the whole resort to share, but it was ours to enjoy alone, and if we ever tired of the pool, we had a beach at the end of our large garden we could go to.

The six star resort’s ground made taking Instaworthy shots incredibly easy, but whenever we needed some assistance, the staff at the resort were truly six star. We had Taeko, our Mrs. Friday who anticipated all our needs, was on hand to help with everything we needed, and did so with a smile ever present on her face. We were truly lucky to meet such a lovely lady. From booking spa appointments, to bringing us off on excursions and dinner, she was there to help. We even mistakenly left our beach bag on North Beach and she retrieved it for the next day!

Ting who works in the dining outlets was also just wonderful. So friendly and knowledgeable, she greeted us every single day, chatted with us, and talked us through the dishes. She even met me specifically for breakfast to prepare some ginger tea for me, the way she thought I’d like it because I said I wanted to be a little more healthy and drink it more often at dinner the previous night!

The food and dining experiences at Soneva Kiri were extremely memorable. Every dish that we had at the resort’s different venues were so beautifully prepared and presented. Breakfast was an abundance of various stations, including a fresh untouched fruit station where the fruit was cut in front of you so there was no chance of spoiling. A designated cheese, pastry and cold cut room also kept your buffet options fresh, though I must admit that this tasty room paled in comparison to the chocolate and ice cream rooms.

That’s right, you read correctly – a chocolate room and ice cream room full of handmade goodies. These rooms felt like they were straight out of the Willy Wonka factory and were complimentary throughout the day. These dedicated rooms were really fun that you could pop into at any time of the day to pick whatever you indulge your sweet tooth with. This resort felt like an adult’s playground, and you could entertain your inner child’s whims even more with a picnic up in a treehouse.

Soneva Kiri’s treepod dining experience is available for breakfast and afternoon high tea, and it’s entirely unique, fun and makes for quite an interesting picture.

Our waiter James is a certified zip lining waiter. We had plenty of food already awaiting us at our treepod but whenever we wanted something else, like more coffee or pastries, he dutifully retrieved everything we requested via the zipline (very cool) while we stayed enjoying the view through the trees of the neighbouring island.

Their View restaurant is a wonderful spot to catch the sunset and offers exquisite fine dining. We sat out on the terrace on our first night drinking fine wine until, admittedly and apologetically to the patient staff, the early hours of the morning. It was extremely relaxing and a lovely place to go for dinner, but a particular highlight for us was our visit to Benz.

Benz is located off of the resort’s grounds and has no particular menu. Local dishes are prepared from the freshest of ingredients. Ting was very insistent that we try everything she brought out, and she was right because everything we ate was exquisite. I thought it was ingenious and completely novel. A resort owned restaurant outside of the resort that upholds the high standards of Soneva Kiri, which guests can go to when they feel they need a change of scenery. We immensely enjoyed this.

There’s more entertainment available at Soneva Kiri than just eating and lounging around your beautiful villa, even though you don’t really need more than that.

If you’re a spa lover, then you have to go to the Six Senses spa. Not only is the spa setting  serene, the therapists are fantastic. Before our relaxing spa treatment we were given a wellness session in which we were evaluated and given recommendations on where and how we could improve our lifestyle choices.

Based on this evaluation, the wellness doctor then prescribed a spa treatment most suited to our needs. The spa session put us in a relaxed state between awake and dreaming the entire time.

In the evening, after you’ve had your romantic dinner (and popped into the chocolate room for extra dessert), you can take a drive to their outdoor ‘cinema’. At 8pm and 10pm, on certain nights, a movie is projected onto a screen out in the middle of a pond, which you can watch beneath the stars with fresh popcorn in hand. And if you want a closer look at the stars, a unique feature at the resort is the Celestial Room, which is Soneva Kiri’s own onsite observatory.

Our Beachfront Villa had its own pool and access to the resort’s beach, however, Soneva Kiri own another beach on another island which you can access by a private 10 minute speedboat transfer.

North Beach has clear turquoise coloured waters, palm trees, swings and hammocks as far as the eye can see. We just loved this completely exclusive beach and it’s one of the best we have ever been to. We were the only ones on North Beach at the time and had full access to all of its Instagrammable features.

We had the most magical stay at Soneva Kiri. We couldn’t have dreamed a place more perfect than this one.

Room Tip: We stayed at the Beachfront Villa number 5 and loved everything about this villa.

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