Best Restaurants in Chiang Mai

by Joe Kelly
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Best Restaurants in Chiang Mai

Whether you’re interested in authentic Thai food or delicious western cuisine, there are plenty of restaurant choices when it comes to deciding where to eat in Chiang Mai. That’s why we’ve taken our time and wining and dining experiences while in this city to come up with a list of best restaurants in Chiang Mai so you won’t be disappointed.

This list is a growing work in progress until we leave Chiang Mai in January. If you have any recommendations of where we should check out, leave your suggestions in the comments or DM us at @agirlwhoblooms on Instagram.

Why Not?

We’ve seldom found a good Italian pizza on our travels around South East Asia, so we’re always very excited when we find a pizza worth shouting about.

Established over six years ago when Nimman Road wasn’t the popular expat and tourist hub that it is now, this restaurant has become a frequent place for those living in the city. The Italian owner moved to Chaing Mai 13 years ago to learn massage, but we’re glad he decided to put his hands towards making authentic Italian food.

There’s a buzzing vibe beneath the large outdoor canopy where a waft of Italian food is always present because it’s located next to their open kitchen. A wood fired oven pizza is visible as soon as you enter the restaurant, which assures you straight away that these guys know what they’re doing. And the ‘Why Not?’ chefs certainly do because their pizzas are insanely good.

So far, we’ve tried the Buffalo (Bufalina) Mozzerella pizza (280 Baht) and the Deliziosa pizza (390 Baht), which is topped with buffalo mozzarella, parma ham and rocket salad. Both are delicious, but if you don’t feel like pizza, there’s plenty of pasta options available. The Duck Ragout in fettuccine pasta was particularly scrumptious (230 Baht).

We seem to have skipped a course in our review as we’ve jumped straight to talking about the main courses.

Before we gorged on pizza and pasta, we started our Italian feast with some Arancini Rice Balls (140 Baht) and Brie Bruschettas (150 Baht). Do not miss out on the Bri Bruschettas!

Also, a deliciously dangerous option on their menu is their basket of freshly made soft pizza bread (30 Baht).

The Italian house wine (Fontana Di Papa) was really smooth and went perfectly with the lovely evening, which we, of course, finished off with dessert.

We got the Panna Cotta (130 Baht) and the Tiramisu (150 Baht), but if you can’t decide which to choose, you can always get a tasting selection of three desserts – the tiramisu, panna cotta and chocolate mousse (130 Baht).

If we had to make a choice then we’d opt for the Tiramisu.

Why Not? is one of our favourite western restaurants in Chiang Mei and we highly recommend going for dinner because if you love Italian food as much as we do, then you won’t be disappointed.

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