Plataran Ubud Resort & Spa

by Joe Kelly
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Plataran Ubud Resort & Spa

We’d just arrived in Bali with all of our luggage in tow and we can’t say how nice it was to be so warmly welcomed and gently eased into our new crazy Bali life by Plataran Ubud Resort & Spa.

You wouldn’t believe that the resort is so large from the front because the first thing that you will see is their street front restaurant, Teras Ubud.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that your driver has made a mistake, but trust the staff who are taking your luggage and go past the lively band or salsa dancers and you’ll quickly find the reception desk.

And as you go past that desk, a luxurious resort begins to open out and turn into a whole other tropical world. One filed with temples, rices terraces, statues, palm trees, and verdant terrain, all of which await you.

We stayed in the Plunge Pool Villa. A traditionally styled Balinese villa with its own plunge pool. If we’re being 100% honest, the plunge pool, while pretty to look at draped in ferns, is not really that appealing to dip into. I preferred the public pools, as I found the surrounding landscapes much more interesting. If I was to return to Plataran Ubud, I would actually request to stay in the Suites, which is just below their rooftop Padma Spa and above their signature View restaurant.

The View restaurant is just a fantastic place to be at any time of the day. We can’t tell you how enjoyable it was just to sit there and work while sipping on coffee. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all available here, but honestly, while the food is divine, it came second to the relaxing ambience created by the stunning lofty view. The top of palm trees are at your eye level and the resort’s lush grounds stretch out before you.

Outside the resort is a dining hub of restaurants and cafes, however, we never left the resort’s grounds because we had a special and memorable experience at every meal.

The floating breakfast is, to date, the best we’ve had. Rarely do you have a floating breakfast in the main pool, and one that you can actually eat. The float was as sturdy as it was huge and we could actually eat our food (after all of the pictures) while gazing out upon the rice terraces.

The very rice terraces we would later be in for a romantic private dinner. This was a very special evening as we walked through the rice terraces along a path lit by lanterns to a lone table awaiting us surrounded by flower petals in the shape of a heart. Balinese hospitality just know how to use flowers artistically.

There’s plenty of activities available at the resort if you’re tired of exploring and need some down time. You can kick off your day with an early morning yoga session with a view of the rices terraces, take a guided visit to the local market and pick up food to cook with the chef during a Balinese cooking class, or learn how to make Jamu.

Or, if you’ve come to Bali to simply soak up the sun, you can lounge by one of two beautiful pools or have a soothing flower bath while overlooking the rice terraces right before indulging in a spa treatment.

We very much enjoyed our stay in Plataran Ubud Resort & Spa and recommend it as an excellent option to anyone looking for a resort in Ubud, Bali.

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