Best Cheap Eats and Best Meal Deals in Canggu

by Joe Kelly
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Best Cheap Eats and Best Meal Deals in Canggu

Falafel Temple

We’ll start our cheap eats in Canggu guide with a recommendation to one of our favourite food. Falafels! If you like falafels as much as we do, then a great place to go is the Falafel Temple. Genuinely, this place does the middle eastern delicacy justice. You can get four falafels for 30,000 IDR (Service and Tax charge included), or you can get the Mezze Platter, which you can create a combination of five small bites for 100,000 IDR. Great value.

Ons Warung

This place is one of our favourite breakfast spots. Ons Warung have a value for money morning breakfast deal where you can order something off their breakfast menu and your meal will include a choice of coffee (not artisan) or tea as well as a fruit juice.

There’s plenty of choices and the most expensive thing on their breakfast menu is 45,000 IDR (Service and Tax charge included). We particularly love their Chia Pudding (40,000 IDR). So healthy and delicious and a great way to start off the day.

The Fat Mermaid

Not until the fat lady sings goes the saying and she’s singing for you to come over to breakfast at the Fat Mermaid. By and large, the breakfast selection prices at the Fat Mermaid is on par with a lot of other establishments around Canggu, except for their Smashed Avocado. At 28,000 IDR, this is an amazing breakfast deal that deserves to be singed about and be put on our cheap eats in Canggu recommendations. You would pay a fortune for the equivalent of this meal back in Europe, and you can add an egg for just 10,000 IDR more.

Oma Jamu

There’s a number of warungs around Canggu that you can go to for a cheap meal, but we particularly love this chic bamboo hut where you can eat at a counter overlooking rice terraces. This vegan food only warung is a great place to go for a healthy, scrumptious and cheap meal.

There are a variety of dishes that you can point and choose from and a selection of seven items will set you back just 40,000 IDR. Six items is 35,000 IDR and so on and so forth. Be as cheap or as expensive as you want at Oma Jamu.

Strawberry Fields

Tired of being healthy in Canggu and just want something meaty and oh so yummy? At Strawberry Fields, they have a variety of chunky burgers, all of which cost 100,000 IDR on the menu, which isn’t necessarily worthy of being on a cheap eats in Canggu guide.

However, check their Instagram page because this social media savvy restaurant offers 50% off certain burgers on Tuesday. And if these burgers are on their Instagram feed, then you know that these burgers have to be as good as they look.


Missibu deserves to be included, temporarily, on our best cheap eats in Canggu list because they’re currently running a limited time 50% off everything on their breakfast menu until the end of February. This deal is for food only and only until 11am. You’ll want to make use of it and try their banana pancakes because they are so good. This fluffy stack of goodness is covered in delicious raspberry sauce and topped with coconut sorbet, and has to be tried while it’s available for approx. 29,000 IDR.

As we discover these amazing deals and places of great value for money in Canggu, we’ll continue to add them to this blog post so keep checking it out.

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