Embark Master Collection Preset Pack

by @agirlwhoblooms
The Embark Master Collection Preset Pack

The Embark Master Collection

Created from our first year of travelling full-time, the Embark Master Collection proves that dreams can come true. And it’s because we want everyone to be able to live their travel dream that we’ve decided to make our first preset pack available at an affordable price.

We have tested on over a hundred of your submitted images, including RAWs, JPEGs, and camera phone shots, the 25 selected presets cover a range of destinations and have been the foundation to the growth of the @agirlwhoblooms’ account.

We advise that you download the file to your laptop first. With your laptop, extract the zip.file and then either Airdrop or Dropbox the DNG files to your mobile phone. This is the easiest and most certain way that you will get the Lightroom Mobile Presets correctly installed on your phone.

NB. Please read download instructions below. The Preset Pack MUST be downloaded first to the laptop to avoid any complications.

Siobhan @agirlwhoblooms & Joe @alifeiimagined (Photographer)


50 Presets in total:

  • The 25 Embark Master Collection Presets in Desktop Format (XMP Files).
  • The 25 Embark Master Collection Presets in Mobile Format (DNG Files)

Read our step by step PDF guide on how to install your DNG Lightroom Preset files from your desktop to your mobile by clicking here.

Anything Else You Should Know?

  • We recommend that you download to your computer and unzip the file there before going about the process of transferring your presets to your mobile phone. iPhone cannot unzip files without an additional app.
  • The digital files are delivered by e-mail via Sellfy and are to be downloaded. You will get 5 attempts.
  • No Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is required to use our Lightroom Mobile presets. All you need is the Lightroom App, which is free to download.
  • The Embark Master Collection works for both JPEG and RAW files. This means pictures taken with your mobile phone as well as cameras.
  • Installation guides for both XMP and DNG formats are provided in PDF format.
  • If you decide to try downloading directly to your mobile, Samsung will open the zip file automatically. iPhone users will require a Zip Extractor, however, even then it can be tricky as the IOS software automatically tries to place your downloaded file, hence it can become lost on your phone or the cloud.

Make Sure You Have:

  • Lightroom Mobile App already downloaded.
  • At least 270mb of space available on your phone. Don’t worry, you can delete the DNG images after you have extracted the presets from them.
  • A working e-mail address to receive the download link. The e-mail should be sent within a few minutes of purchase so check your junk mail as this does happen.
  • Iphone users need a Zip Extractor already downloaded to be able to unzip the Preset Pack, however, may run into complications still with storage or the cloud. Best just to Airdrop from your computer or use Dropbox.

Read our FAQ if you need more information.

What’s the Style:

The Embark Master Collection comes with a variety of styles to either deliver those tropical aqua blue waters or a distinct urban style. Generally, any preset that you buy will require additional work due to varying settings, composition, and lighting. However, we have worked hard to provide a package that will bring you plenty of ‘one-click’ joy and help set you on your way to capturing your travels.

See some examples of a few of our most successful Instagram posts.

One-Click Preset Examples