Lightroom Preset FAQ

by @agirlwhoblooms

What is a Lightroom Preset?

A preset is technically a filter, like the free Instagram filters, but are much more powerful. These presets require Lightroom, which is a software program available through Adobe Creative Cloud. Desktop users require a subscription to use the software while the mobile app is free to download and use.

What’s the difference between Lightroom Mobile Presets and Desktop Presets?

Lightroom Mobile Presets come in DNG formats, which requires downloading to your phone and extracting the information. Desktop Presets are in XMP format and these require installing into the appropriate folder before they can be used. We have provided PDF documents in the pack for you to follow.

Should I buy presets?

You don’t need presets to be a successful Instagrammer, but the right presets can help you learn and develop your own style. It can also save many hours of labour, which is vital time that you could be putting to other areas.

What assurances do I have that your presets will improve all of my pictures?

None. Any Instagrammer who offers you such guarantees are lying. Presets can improve images with just one click, but they cannot magically make every photo look the best that it can.

Why did you wait so long to release your first preset pack?

We could have released a preset pack when we reached 30,000 followers, but we waited for over a year until we felt we were ready to deliver a product that would benefit others.

There are a number of features on Lightroom, including camera calibrations, radial and gradient filters and brush tools. These features help bring a picture to a higher level beyond one click, however these, in general, should not be part of any preset pack because of how picture and camera settings differ. That is why we spent so long creating preset packs that could achieve such desired results without the need for these additional adjustments.

Why did you choose these 25 presets for the Embark Master Collection?

We could have limited it to 15 presets and sold the other 15 as a separate pack later down the line, but we wanted to give our followers as much assurances as possible that out of these 25 filters, you will always find something that you like.

I’m confused, so are you selling 25 presets or 50?

We are selling the same 25 presets, but the pack contains two different formats. One for desktop and the other pack is specifically for Lightroom Mobile use. Many Instagrammers sell these separately, and it’s not wrong to as they are different products, but we wanted to be fair to our followers who have been supporting us from the beginning.

Will the Embark Master Collection be your only Preset pack?

No. We plan to release more throughout the year. We aim to make future packs more specific, e.g Sunset / Bali etcs, while our Master Collection series will be a diverse selection of our favourite presets.

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