Save Money and Get the Best Prices on Flights across Asia with Value Alliance

by Joe Kelly
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Save Money and Get the Best Prices on Flights across Asia with Value Alliance

One of the questions we get asked most, is how can we afford to travel so much, and a big part of that is making good decisions with money, sticking to a budget, and doing without the things we do not need.

When you take over 30 flights in one year, you can be sure that costs rack up quickly. This is why we only travel with low cost airlines, to save money for enjoying and exploring the country when we’re there.

The cost difference between a flight on a full service airline, and a low cost carrier could be a whole week worth of accommodation in Bali, and a whole month worth of food in Thailand. To us, it’s more about the destination than the journey, getting from point A to B, and we would much rather put money towards doing the things we enjoy when we’re in that particular place, country or city.

That’s why we have been using Value Alliance to book all our flights. The booking platform connects you to 160 destinations across Asia through six low cost carriers, Scoot, Cebu Pacific Air, NokAir, NokScoot, Jeju Air and Vanilla Air.

As the airlines they work with serve so many regional routes, we find that we’re able to take the opportunity to stop off in some beautiful cities along the way, choose long layovers and take some photographs while we’re there.

Next week we’ll be flying to Bali, via Bangkok and can’t wait to capture some of the intricate temples the city is famous for, take in a couple of Bangkok sunsets and eat some amazing food along the way.

For the best price on low cost flights across Asia, book with

Happy travels!

While this article was written in collaboration with Value Alliance, all thoughts are our own.

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