About Him @alifeiimagined

by Joe Kelly

I’m the real-life husband (and not just #instahubs) of @agirlwhoblooms, Siobhan. It’s been a dream working together to help grow the @agirlwhoblooms Instagram account and blog and now we’ve decided that it’s time to form my own identity so I can share more of our ever-growing content.

So why have I gone with the moniker @alifeiimagined? Because I am, before anything else (after husband of course), a storyteller and to be so requires being lost in my daily imagination, which spawns dreams, which has led to the life I imagined with my wife.

Creating content is what I do best. I take and edit all of the pictures, write the blogs in Siobhan’s voice to maintain the brand, and manage the website. So, whether it’s through writing books, photographing inspirational Instagram photos or putting together travel videos, I like to tell whatever I’ve cooked up in my head, and I use these means to leave a mark on my dreams.

Coffee is my life source and dreams are my reason to live. I know what it’s like to being the lone voice fighting to be heard and to fail and having to dust yourself off  to try again. It goes wth the territory of being a dreamer.

To realise a dream, you must first believe. I am a dreamer and anyone who decides to follow my efforts in realising my dreams are my believers because without your support then there would be no dream.

Happy dreaming.